Ready to take your health coaching business online? 


I know how overwhelming it can be to get started online.

There are so many moving parts and so many people doing what you want to be doing, but the time is now.

People are looking to get healthy and you need a way to work from home (from anywhere really).

No one is you, and that's why you need to get your programs and offerings online - so people have the opportunity to invest with you.

And, if you’re anything like me you refuse to let fear stop you. We might be afraid but instead of running from it, we lean into it.

I guarantee you’ve been through a lot in your life, and I promise if you could get through that, you can learn how to run a fun online business helping others.

And, I want to teach you exactly how to get started.

The Online Health Coaching $1K Course would be perfect for you if:

✔️ You know you can help others but are overwhelmed trying to figure out exactly how to get started online.

✔️ You’re feeling a little scared with a dash of crazy for thinking you can actually make money doing what you love online.

✔️ Deep down you know you can do this but every once in a while you could use a confidence boost.

✔️ You’d love an intensive on social media, the what’s what and how to use them.

✔️ You’re not tech savvy but willing to learn the basics

✔️ You’re very passionate about helping others

✔️ You’re an online coach or would like to be


This would not be a good program for you if...

-You don't want to get online, you'd rather wait and see what happens with the world.
-You have no clue what you want to be doing
-Your online business is currently making $5K/Month or more, this is for those working on their first $1K online.
-You're a health coach that promotes a restrictive diet/not whole foods based. 

“I want to help women sarah, but as soon as I get to the tech piece I freak out and feel like I’m not cut out for this.”

A client said that to me; a client I admire; a client that is so stinking smart; one that if the world didn’t get to see her gifts, it would be such a disservice.

I talk to a lot of women every day, and it blows me away how quickly they overlook their value and how quickly they give up on their dreams. I don’t want that for you.

I want to show you how you can create a business where you make good money online. I was making $13k a month last year when I was health coaching, that and so much more is available to you.

I want to remind you how valuable your life experiences are; how you simply being yourself, with your knowledge, can help others.

I created this because so many health coaches struggle to get their business online. The internet opens up so many opportunities to help others and get paid. Yet, we need help getting started online. And, we need constant reminders that we're good enough and that we have something unique to offer.

Gosh, this course is going to be so good for you!

What you'll gain from this Online Course for Health Coaches working on their first $1K Month...

WEEK 1: Becoming Confident Online

This week is all about breaking free from your limiting beliefs so you too can show up and talk to your audience with confidence.

  • Identify and overcome your limiting beliefs around working online for yourself
  • Identify everything that makes you the perfect person to help others
  • Expand you to what is possible online
  • Uncover your niche, your specialty, and what you want to be known for
  • Niche Training: watch me work through some of my client's niches to help clear up any confusion you may have
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, so you can show up and share with confidence, as well as make money doing work you love.

WEEK 2: Getting Social Media Savvy

Not sure what and where to post online to connect with your clients and build your business? Have no fear; we're covering this in week 2!

  • How often to post and how to save time when working online.
  • Facebook 101: Personal FB page vs. FB Group vs. FB Biz Page
  • How to use Facebook groups
  • Instagram 101: Feed Vs. Live Vs. IGTV Vs. Stories
  • Instagram Stories - what you should be posting and how exactly to do it
  • Hashtags what they are and how to use them effectively

WEEK 3: How to Handle the Tech of an Online Biz

Unsure on the tech side of running an online business? Feel like you can’t be successful because of it? That ends today. We’re making it super easy for you to understand the tech and run your biz like a boss.

  • How to accept payment online
  • How to host your coaching calls online
  • How to send emails to your audience & clients
  • How to create & edit images for Instagram, Facebook, sales pages, etc.
  • How to have your clients schedule their own calls
  • How to create your own signature programs & fill them up with clients

WEEK 4: A Day In The Life Of A Thriving Online Coach

In week 4 I’ll walk you through a day in the life, help you with time management and get you organized so you can welcome more freedom and fun into your life.

  • What I would work on in a day
  • How to schedule your day
  • Powerful coaching questions to get your clients results and keep you feeling confident

Exactly what you'll receive with this course...

4 Modules, released one by one each week, so you don’t get overwhelmed but still know exactly what to work on.

13+ Video trainings

Weekly checklists so you can hold yourself accountable and you know exactly what you’re working on each week to grow your business and show up with confidence.

Access to the content for life as well as any updates we make.


By the time you finish this program you will have gone from doubt, fear and overwhelm, to clarity and confidence in your ability to run a fun and successful online health coaching practice from anywhere.

🎉 You will know what tools you need and how to use them.

🎉 You will know how to use social media in a way that is fun and effective.

🎉 You will know how to create a signature program that gets real transformations for your clients.

🎉 You will no longer feel overwhelmed with the tech.

🎉 You will be confident in your ability to be your own boss and serve clients online.

🎉 You will be showing up online and connecting with your ideal clients. 

🎉 And, you’ll be excited to work on your business!


Confidence Workbook

This will inspire you, give you affirmations, show you where you’re stuck, and provide some clarity.

17 Content Prompts For Online Business Owners

So you never get stuck on what to post again 😉 

Influencer Marketing Swipe Files

My step by step guide for connecting with brands you’d like to work with and real examples on how we’ve landed sponsorships in the past.


(Sign up TODAY to get this also included 👇)

Sales Bonus

Additional trainings & resources all about offers, pricing, and launch plans so you can hit $1K Months!

Get The Online Health Coaching $1K Course, a complete package that will teach you how to get started online & gain the confidence to move forward with your business today



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is a great course for brand new coaches, or coaches who are still figuring out their path.

I’d plan on spending 2-4 hours a week on this course. That being said, the content doesn’t expire, so if you have a busy week you can pick back up when you want.

Yes. Once you sign up the modules are released week by week. After 4 weeks you’ll have access to the entire course and you have lifetime access, plus any updates we make you get for no additional fee.

No, this is done on your own. However, we’ve included Weekly Checklists to help you stay accountable. And, there is an option to upgrade to a VIP to get my feedback and support while you go through the program.


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