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How to Make More Sales Online & Price for Profits + Growth ๐Ÿš€


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Hey, action taker! Move maker!

Ready to build the audience, create the program, and sell it - all while creating amazing transformations for your clients?


You’re at the point where you’ve got all systems ready for lift off, you just need the CLEAR PATH, The HOW and WHERE.

Great! That’s exactly what I’ve created for you. This is your personal stick of dynamite to get you into action. 

DISCLAIMER: This program is not for all health coaches.

This for the coach who isn’t afraid of hard work. The one who believes time and energy must be prioritized.

Who needs a money making plan, who is willing to: write the content, create the programs, share your message, do it scared, and speak your truth.

I won’t be holding your hand, but I will give you the step-by-step.

I’m Sarah, plant-based health coach turned business coach for those in the health and wellness space, and let me tell you: most online health coaches need a lot of help when it comes to making money online. I should know, I was one of them.

I created the course and no one bought it.

I gave all the value away for free but no one wanted it.

It was frustrating and left me on the floor eating more vegan ice cream than I would like to admit.

So what changed?

How did I go from struggling to sell a $27 dollar course to selling $5000 health coaching packages online? Going full time, bringing my husband on board?

And, living life on my own terms? Getting paid to be me and do work I love?

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Let me tell you what it wasn’t….

-It wasn’t FB ads

-It wasn’t hiring a VA

-It wasn’t copying what everyone else was doing

-It wasn’t doing the same thing over and over hoping it would change

It was focusing on every single thing I’m going to teach you in the $5k Path:

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Let’s take a look shall we...

Week 1: Gaining Major Clarity and Alignment

This week we’re going to make sure you know exactly what you’re focusing on, and your message is clear to everyone who finds you. 

You'll also learn the difference between growth content and sales content.

Week 2: Program Idea Validation

Time to start validating your program, I’m sharing all my secrets and steps to create the best program for you and your audience.

You'll also learn how to price your offers and the different kinds of packages you can create.

Week 3: Audience Growth + Program/Offer Creation

This week we’re focusing on growing your audience as well as finishing the rough draft of your program.

I'll also teach you the three types of videos you need to master to grow your income. 

I’m also showing you how to create your own Launch Plan :)

Week 4: Growth & Abundance

This week we step into bringing in the money and abundance.

You'll also learn how to call in the sales without burning yourself out.

Week 5: Connecting to Self & Others

This week is all about getting everything that you want and creating exactly what your ideal clients want.

You'll also learn how to get more engagement on IG and use hashtags.

Week 6: Creating Your Offer + Optin

We dive into the tech side and make sure you have a basic funnel and offer, that way you have a great way for people to pay you.

You'll also learn how to create an awesome freebie that grows your list and customers.

Week 7: Growing Your Audience + Building Trust

This is one of my favorite weeks. So many don’t know how to build trust and relationships online, I’m going to teach you :)

You'll also learn how I juggle all of the things and how you can too.

Week 8: Income Goals, Filling Up Your Offers & Sales

This week is all about hitting your goals and money, honey!

You'll also learn how to set income goals and hit them. As well as how to find your ideal clients on IG

Week 9: Warming Up Your Audience

In order to hit 5k you need to be good at creating things your audience goes wild for, this week we do that.

You'll also learn how to make an offer irresistible.

Week 10: Mastering Sales and Quick Cash

There are going to be times in your life when you need to make money, and quickly. This week you learn how to do that.

You'll also learn how to sell via your FB Group.

Week 11: Creating Your 5k Plan and Getting People Consistently Buying From You

This week you'll get up small and high ticket offers and make sure you're set up to hit your income goals.

You'll also learn how to sell passively.

Week 12: Balancing Clients + Sales Activities

So many coaches get tied down with 2 clients making 2k per month that they don’t have time to reach 5k and have a bigger impact. This week I’ll show you how to balance and grow at the same time.

You'll also learn how to hire a VA.

It’s going to be a full 12 weeks, but you get the assignments & trainings in our online portal for life, so you can go back and use them whenever you like.


Ever feel like someone should just tell you what to focus on to make money online?

I did, so I created it for you :)

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What exactly is included in this program...

โœจ 17 Video Trainings that teach you everything you need to know about hitting 5k months online as a coach

These videos are downloadable, so you can watch them anyplace, anytime.

โœจ 59 Money Making Tasks broken down week by week, so you know exactly what to focus on for the next 12 weeks.

These tasks are also downloadable, so you can work on them wherever you go or print them out.

โœจ 6 Bonuses, including entire mini-courses valued at $1,813

โœจ Program content and updates are yours for life.

I want to be very clear - It is my goal that everyone who goes through this program gets amazing results, hits their income goal, and writes me the best testimonial. 

It’s simple: If you follow everything I say and stick with it, this program will be one of the best investments you make at this stage of your business.

That being said, in order for this to work I need the right people in this program.

This program is not for you if:

-You hate homework

-You don’t like or use social media

-You have no idea what you want to do

-You have a hard time following directions or improvising

-You’re not prepared to show up!

This program was made for you if:

-You like my style and would love to make money serving others online.

-You’ve invested in courses/coaching before but are still stuck on how to to hit 5k months

-You’ve been showing up online and doing all of the things but it’s not working

-You’d love a clear path of what to work on each week

-You’re super resourceful and you’re ready to show up and get it done!

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When you sign up for The 5k Path today, you'll also receive:

Build Your Coaching Biz Resources

Contains over 7 hours of trainings as well as cheat sheets to help you master discovery calls, fill up your coaching, and create profitable stand out programs
($399 Value)


This is a collection of PDF's and Training’s, things like how to create a sales page, how to crush your discovery calls, strategies to signing clients online, and so much more 
($99 Value)

Email & Optin Masterclass Series

This mini course walks you through exactly how to come up with an opt-in gift your audience loves to build your email list. As well as what to email your list and how often
($499 Value)

22 Things You Can Do For More Engagement on Facebook & Instagram

More engagement = more people signing up to work with you ๐Ÿคฉ
($119 Value)

9 Proven Strategies For Signing Clients Online

These are the strategies that I used that helped me hit 10k+ months online as a health coach ($249 Value)

Being Confident in What You Have to Offer Training

My go-to exercise to help you see how much you have to offer and feel more confident ($149 Value)

How to Create Your Program Workshop

My newest group workshop on creating impactful online courses, mini-courses and programs ($299 Value)

You were put on this planet to share your message, help others and live the life of your dreams.

If you’d love to make 5k/month, I’d love to help you get there



Includes $3,588 Worth Of Courses, Products & Resources...

  • The $5K Path Program ($1500 Value)
  • How to Create Your Program Workshop ($299 Value)
  • My Confidence Workbook ($99 Value)
  • Build Your Coaching Biz Resources ($399 Value)
  • 22 Things For More FB & IG Engagement ($119 Value)
  • Email & Optin Masterclass Series ($499 Value)
  • Being Confident in What You Have to Offer Training ($149 Value)
  • 9 Proven Strategies for Signing Clients Online ($249 Value)
  • 16 Ways to Grow Your IG Following with Ideal Clients ($275 Value)



New Bonus!

Sign up today to get a Group Coaching Call with Sarah: How to Make More Sales Online & Price for Profits + Growth ๐Ÿš€

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So what's the next step?

Signup for The $5K Path and start using your intuition ๐Ÿ‘ become more business savvy ๐Ÿ‘  and sign clients ๐Ÿ‘

After purchasing you'll instantly get access to the Foundation Work which covers a few fundamentals you need as an online health coach.

After that, look for an email from me with your login info and program details.

Your first week of assignments, trainings & tasks will be ready right away, and new homework is released every week automatically.

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I am so passionate about helping health and wellness coaches make money online helping others get healthy. It takes work, but if you’re anything like me, you’re not afraid of work. However, you need a path, and if you want me to guide you, I hope to see you inside of the program.

If you have questions please message me or send me an email at [email protected]