About Us

Our journey started with a documentary and a book.

The documentary was Food Matters and the book was The Four Hour Work Week.

After watching that documentary we changed our diet right away and it changed our lives. We wanted to help everyone get healthy.

You can probably relate? :)

Then we read The Four Hour Work Week and the thought of working only four hours a week, having freedom, and helping others lit us up more than our steady careers #DREAMLIFE

So it was decided: we were going to be entrepreneurs!

Unfortunately, the book forgot to include how HARD entrepreneurship is (or maybe it did but we just overlooked that small but VERY important detail #oops).

There were many nights of crying because "nothing was working" and because "maybe we're not cut out for this".

But the truth is we had no idea what we were doing.

Our heart was in the right place but we were just copying what other "successful people" were doing, and it wasn't working.

Once we figured that out we were able to go from helping a few people to helping 100's. From making a few hundred dollars to making a few thousand.

We went from struggling to sell a $25 dollar ebook to selling $5,000 packages.

We finally have the income and impact we were working so hard for and it does feel like we're living the #DREAMLIFE.

We're over the moon grateful and now we want to help you achieve the same thing :)

If you're a health coach or plant-based biz owner with a big mission too, we'd love to chat!

Please send us a message or reach out on social.


Sarah & Peter

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