5 Things I Used to Go Full Time

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2019

I've been talking to so many women this week who want to leave their jobs and be home with their kids full time. Women who want to help others take better care of themselves using their natural gifts.

And, I hear you sister...

I quit my jobs and freelance work 3 years ago and went full time as a health coach - it was one of my favorite moments of all time.

Now Peter and I both get to help other women do the same thing.

You can do this.

I wanted to share a few things I had in place, because I noticed a lot of the women I talked to this week didn't have these.

If you're serious about working for yourself full time (not just saying, that would be nice but For reals, no other option serious), I recommend you get these 5 things locked down ASAP.

No time like now...

5 Things That Helped Me Go Full Time In My Online Coaching Business

1). I Knew My Numbers

When I quit my job, our debt was around $19000, so I get it if you're avoiding the numbers. But, it's just a number, and it only has power if you give it power.

By going full time in your business, you'll have endless opportunities to make more money. When I say know your numbers, I mean, know how much money you need to be bringing in each month to pay your bills. Once you have that number, you have a goal.

If right now it seems unrealistic (like you've never made more than 100 bucks online and you need to make 5k each month), set a smaller goal (like $1000/MO) that feels realistic and work towards that.

2). I Hired a Coach 1:1

Peter and I tried to do it on our own, but nothing was working. We'd make a few hundred dollars but couldn't get to that $1000 or $5000 mark that I needed to go full time.

We hired a coach, and she enlightened us in so many ways! It wasn't until a few months after working with a coach that we hit our first 1k month, but it was AMAZING.

We knew if we could make $1,000 a month, we could make more - and we did! If you're a coach and totally stuck, not making the impact or income you desire, I highly recommend you apply for my Plant-based Biz Incubator.

I will not only teach you how to make money online, but I will help you have an impact, grow yourself, hold you accountable, and stretch you outside of your comfort zone. That's what good coaches do; they help us grow into the best versions of ourselves. They don't allow us to play small.

3). I Did Mindset Work Every Single Day

For me, this looks like Journaling As If, reading mindset books, meditating, and practicing gratitude. These things changed my entire outlook on life and opened my mind to what is possible for me.

4). I Shared My Message Daily

We all have stories and messages to share with the world. When I started sharing my message (not what others were sharing, not what I thought I had to say to get people to like me, but what was inside of my heart) people started messaging me like crazy.

I still do this to this day. If you want to grow a community of loyal fans, people who want to work with you and that you get so lit up by, make sure you're sharing your message every single day.

And make sure it feels authentic. I help my clients do this in the Incubator.

5). I Had Multiple Offers

Instead of selling the same signature program over and over again, I offered lots of different programs and services, giving people multiple opportunities to work with me.

Now listen, you have to start with one. So coaches trying to create all of the things and not finishing anything, I'm talking to you: Finish one and promote it like crazy, but then create something else. Over time you end up with a bunch of offers to sell and more ways for people to pay you.

So how many of these do you have in place?

Questions? Let me know!

And, if you need support on any of these, get your application in for my Incubator or send me a message.



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