6 Sales Mistakes Online Coaches Make & How to Fix Them

marketing Oct 12, 2019

Coaches! Are you making these sales mistakes? They could be costing you! Watch the video to get all of the juicy details!

If you're new to me, I'm glad you're here, I help health and wellness coaches make an impact and income online.

And, if you've been part of this community, you know today's training is going to be Fire.


Mistake #1 - Creating the program before you've vetted it

I know I've made this mistake before, and trust me, it's the sure-fire way to guarantee no one signs up for your program.

How to avoid it: Do a few posts and ask who would be interested. Make it juicy and enticing.

And, if you don't have anyone to ask or people aren't talking to you, that's what you need to focus on: building a community.

Mistake #2 - Not having a clear program with benefits

It's tough to sell a program if you're not clear what's included and what you're going to provide, yet I see so many coaches do it all the time.

How to fix this - Get clear on your program and what exactly your client is going to walk away with. Is it weight loss? Confidence going shopping for clothes? No more anxiety?

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Mistake #3 - Not building relationships

The closer and more connected you are to your audience, the more supportive they will be, which usually translates to more sales.

How to fix this - Spend time connecting with your audience every single day. I recommend at least 30 minutes a day.

BONUS: If people reach out about your program and it's a perfect fit for what they need but don't sign up, keep building that relationship with them.

Mistake #4 - No sense of urgency

Help them get off the fence. Some people need a kick in the pants to do the dang thing. If you have no close date, no price increase, no bonuses, no start date, people will sit around.

I would rather have people say no (next opportunity), then maybe I'll get back to you. I hate indecisiveness. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

How to avoid this - Flex your idea muscle. Maybe it's time to raise your price. Tell your audience: this month is the last month to get in at your old rates. Perhaps everyone who signs up gets your favorite product sent to them in the mail. Think about what would make them sign up ASAP.

Mistake #5 - Not having a promo plan and giving yourself enough time to pull it off

I highly recommend content that proceeds the sale. I'm also a big fan of a webinar, or master class, challenge, or freebie that ties into your launch and builds excitement. If you're not excited and don't have people talking about your program, it's going to be a lot harder to fill it up.

How to avoid this - Tell people about it before it's ready and before it's even launched. Give yourself plenty of time to sell it, you don't want to burnout before enrollment ends!

Mistake #6 - Not promoting your program enough

I used to send half as many emails as I do today, and I would get half as many sales, coincidence? I don't think so.

I'm still surprised when I get on calls with people, and they don't know about my offerings. I promote the heck out of my programs because they work and get coaches amazing results. But people still miss them.

I usually promote my stuff anywhere from a week to 3 weeks. It just depends.

How to avoid this - Get over your fear of sales, reprogram your limiting beliefs, and give value with all or your content, even the sales content.

How did you do?


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