Client Expectations... Do you have them? These are mine!

Lately I've been welcoming a lot of new clients into my life (welcome, beauties!), and I've been going over my expectations with them.

I thought I'd share them in case you're thinking about working with me, or in case you need to create some of your own.

As my client, please know I love and respect you. I'm here for you from now on, once you join my coaching circle, you join my family.

That being said, these are the things I expect from you:

1. I expect you to show up for our calls on time, distraction-free, and ready to do the work.

2. I expect you to be coachable.

3. I expect you to be honest with me 100%, even if that means letting me know that you didn't do the work you said you were going to do.

4. I expect you to treat me how I treat you: with honesty, love, compassion, and kindness.

5. I expect you to fill me in on what's going on in your life if it's affecting our work together, or you think it might affect our work together.

6. I expect you to give me at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule your call.

7. I expect you to respect my boundaries and trust that I will get back to you M-F within 24 hours of your message/email.

8. I expect you to show me compassion if I need to move one of your calls, or if I go on vacation and take some time off.

9. I expect you to get your home life in order so you're available for growth.

10. I expect you to do the things you're scared of, but also to lean on me for support and guidance.

11. I expect you not to waste my time.

12. I expect you to LOVE our coaching calls and the work we're doing. However, if for some reason you're not, I expect you to bring this to my attention right away.

13. I expect you to work on your mindset.

14. I expect you to show up to our sessions focused on the transformation you signed up for.

15. I expect you to reach out when you need help, or have a question. I'm not a mind reader, but I am your coach.

16. I expect you to abide by the terms & conditions I've laid out for my coaching services (IE, not sharing program materials or asking for a refund for unused coaching).

17. I also expect you to let me know when you get a freaking win because I want to celebrate with you. Big or small, I'm here for that!

18. I expect you to know I have your best interest in my mind and I'm cheering for you always, even when I ask hard questions that bring up all of the emotions.

If you're planning on working with me now or in the future, give me a big fat YES in the comments if you can get behind these 😉



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