Covid-19 Update For Health Coaches

health coaching marketing Mar 19, 2020

A lot of limiting beliefs are coming up for a lot of health coaches right now, which I get - it’s a tough time for so many.

However, that doesn’t mean your health coaching business has to suffer.

Today we want to share some tips to help you continue to grow and reach all of your financial goals.

Now more than ever we’re seeing the importance of being able to serve your community online.

When it comes to being online, focus on the important stuff.

Here is what we recommend: Make sure you have your niche down, the problem you solve, you’re getting in front of the right people, sharing your story, working on income-generating tasks, getting visible, and creating a specific program. We cover all of this in The Online Health Coaching Biz Starter Course.

Don’t make limiting assumptions about who you serve & what they need help with. Knowing your audience is so important right now.

Don't stop sharing your message - but do make it relevant to what your audience is going through now... that pre-planned content isn't going to cut it.

Know your ideal client and create content that will serve her now. Is she at home with more time now? Help her get closer to her top health goal.

People are looking for things to do right now; help them focus on their health, ease their anxiety, whatever your niche is - think about your ideal client right now and what she needs.

Do offer support - My clients are signing clients right now because people are looking for support. Offer your 1:1 coaching, group packages, reach out to past clients and check-in and see if they’re ok. If you have an optin that would serve them - promote it.

People are more concerned about their health than ever and are online, so let them know how you can support them.

We're committed to helping you grow your business right now and help even more people get healthy.


If you're just starting out (making less than $1k with your online business) and find yourself with more time - Grab the Online Health Coaching Business Starter Course. You can start today and get through this in 4 weeks.

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