How to Price Your Program & Services

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

One question I’ve been getting a lot is how do I price my program?

Today I’m going to share how I price all of my offerings and help you so you can feel confident in your pricing as well.

The first thing I want to say is that you should never price something low because you think you’ll sell more.

In my experience, it takes just as must energy and effort to sell a $27 dollar product as it does a $1000 product. Just because you lower the price doesn’t mean it will sell. Usually, the reason something isn’t selling is because it’s not what your people really want ...or what I find more often is the connection hasn’t been built.

So here's how I price my programs....

What is the transformation worth?

If my woman goes through this entire program and does everything I say, what is that worth?

If it’s a recipe book, for example, if she goes through it she’ll save some time and be able to cook healthy meals. So that's definitely valuable, but it might not address her stressful home life or inability to stop emotionally eating.

Whereas if you’re selling a program where you get on the phone with her, you can send her recipes as well as work through her emotional blocks - so that's going to be worth a lot more.

How much time is involved?

Are you selling something you make once and then don’t really have to spend any time on?

Or is this something you’re going to be spending a lot of time on each week?

If you work with me in a live program, you’re getting a lot of support from me. I spend anywhere from 30-90 minutes on calls with my clients. I send them notes, and answer any questions throughout the week. So I keep that in mind when coming up with the price.

Now ask yourself:

How many hours am I going to be spending?
How much do I want to get paid per hour?

With those two things in mind, come up with a price.

How does that feel?

If it feels good I keep it. If not I play with numbers until it feels good.

At the beginning most business owners charge too little, but you only need to learn that once, then you charge more.

Whatever you do, don’t pick a price based on what other people are charging, or because someone said they can’t afford it.

You can do payment plans but stay true to what feels best to you.



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