How to Promote your Optin or FB Group!

marketing Aug 29, 2019

Today I’m sharing some of my best tips for promoting an email optin, or your Facebook Group.

Email Optin Ideas Covered

  • Sharing it in Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out
  • The most effective style of post for maximum engagement
  • Tips for posting it in other places on Facebook, such as your personal or biz page
  • A few ways to promote your optin via IG (including stories, posts, lives)

Facebook Group Ideas Covered

  • Give away a free gift to new members (recipe video, workbook, training, etc)
  • How to encourage members of your group to invite their friends
  • Ideas for doing something exclusive in the group each week

These are both great options if you’re trying to sign 1:1 clients.

A note about optins…

You must have a really good one! Please don't promote something because you already have it and it's done. I've been doing this for a long time and I know all about that. It's a waste of time.

A good optin is something people really want. Something they would pay you for, blow their socks off.

Most health coaches have optins that aren't very good. They're what they wanted to create not what people actually want. They're vague and broad. I’m speaking from experience.

If you need help making sure your message is on point, and your optin is set up in a way that converts, make sure you get on the waitlist for my intimate mastermind for health coaches, I walk you through all of this 1:1. 


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