How To Create A Free Sales Page With Mailchimp

tech trainings Jul 03, 2019

I’ve only recently discovered Mailchimp has landing pages, and I’ve found they’re a good option if you’re just starting out.

My advice is to use these to build sales pages for your coaching offers. Once you start getting your first few clients, set aside a few hundred bucks for the first couple months of Kajabi - which in our opinion has the best features for helping health coaches go full time…

These landing pages can be used to either grow your first email list, or take payment - but today I’m only going to focus on building a sales page so you can start putting out your offer and signing clients!

Here are the steps demonstrated in the video above:

  1. Setup your Mailchimp account (
  2. Create your first audience
  3. Create your first landing page
  4. Design the page how you want it
  5. Setup your Square account (
  6. Add the ‘product’ design card onto your page, connect your Square account, and link your offer

As with anything, there are pros and cons to using Mailchimp for your sales pages...


  • Free landing pages (only cost is the credit card processing fee)
  • You can embed video (Youtube or Vimeo)
  • You can create a clean design


  • Hard to manage & edit inside Mailchimp
  • May be too simple if you want more design features
  • No custom url for landing pages (not as trustworthy for cold traffic)
  • Taking payments requires shipping address (more work than needed)
  • No share image when sharing or messaging link to someone on Facebook
  • No ability to add terms & conditions which help provide you with legal protection
  • Video can only be Youtube or Vimeo with no additional design options

I hope this helps!



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