The Flow of Our Business With Kajabi

tech trainings Sep 15, 2019

There are many other trainings I'd love to share with you in the coming weeks, but I had to share this one first.

Why, you ask?

Because while Kajabi has a lot of great features, it can be overwhelming at first to understand how exactly all of the...

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How to create a 1-time offer in Kajabi and start making sales!

tech trainings Aug 15, 2019

This is one of our favorite features! So excited to share it with you.

Sometimes it’s a hassle to create a whole sales page for something custom one of your potential clients is asking for.

The solution?

Make a 1-time offer! It’s so...

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How To Create A Free Sales Page With Mailchimp

tech trainings Jul 03, 2019

I’ve only recently discovered Mailchimp has landing pages, and I’ve found they’re a good option if you’re just starting out.

My advice is to use these to build sales pages for your coaching offers. Once you start getting...

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Learn what tools we used to make $10K/Month as online health coaches

Ladies you need these! Everything from software to standup desks, lighting to schedulers & more!